Arj Barker | Organic at
$45 - $45
Sat Mar 11th, 2017

Arj Barker | Organic

As always, I start with the finest free-range topics, nurture them until they're brimming with wholesome hilarity, and ready for the tellin'. Remember, my cruelty-free jokes are ALWAYS tested on animals, and 100% goat-approved by the time you hear them. That's quality you can trust.

*may contain traces of nuts

Arj Barker is arguably Australia's favourite American comedian. In recent years, he has spent more time in our country than his own and has come to understand our culture perhaps better than we understand it ourselves. His stand-up is both insightful and pointed, like a mind-reading thumb tack, if there was one of those.
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Address: 410 Sandy Bay Road, Sandy Bay, Tasmania 7005
Price: $45 - $45
Date: Saturday Mar 11th, 2017 7:00pm to 9:00pm