Australian Series: Reclaiming the Night at Atrium, National Museum of Australia
$30 - $60
Thu Nov 18th, 2021

Australian Series: Reclaiming the Night
Atrium, National Museum of Australia


Nat Bartsch
Into the Light

Leanne Bear
Nôtre Gothique

Deborah Chetham AO
Insieme - Yapeneyepuk - Together

Brenda Gifford
World premiere, Plexus commission

Sally Greenway

In this closing concert of the 2021 Australian Series, the CSO welcome guest ensemble Plexus. Driven by Monica Curro (violin), Philip Arkinstall (clarinet) and Stefan Cassomenos (piano), Plexus collaborates with Australian and international filmmakers, actors, directors, poets, choirs and visual artists as well as guest instrumentalists and vocalists.

The program opens with Into the Light by Nat Bartsch, brimming with all the anticipation of a joyful departure into the unknown.

From there, Leanne Bear bids us recall, almost violently, the image of Notre Dame ablaze.

Series curator Deborah Cheetham offers one of her own works, Insieme - Yapeneyepuk - Together, which asks the question: What will it take to bring us together?

The program closes with Sally Greenaway’s Quietude, which evokes both the dark destruction of the battlefield and the fragile but tenacious hope that rises from it.
Address: Lawson Crescent, Acton 2601
Price: $30 - $60
Date: Thursday Nov 18th, 2021 6:30pm to 7:30pm
Atrium, National Museum of Australia
Lawson Crescent, Acton 2601 Australian Capital Territory