Chopper at Canberra Theatre Centre
Fri Oct 29th, 2021

Canberra Theatre Centre

Chopper cordially invites the world to shut the f**k up for a change. Welcome The Silencer.

Panic, terror, stupidity, crisis; they can all form a queue and suck the wrinkles out of Chopper’s walnut wallet because he has stopped giving a f*** and is done with suffering fools.

Are femi-nazis coming to cut his penis off OR will toxic masculinity give him the prostate cancer he truly deserves? Dole bludgers, climate change, anti-vaxxers, cancel culture – the outrage is deafening. Everyone is crazy, everyone has an opinion, everyone is wrong. Silence!

In amongst all this noise and hysteria and angst, and snowflakes and trolls, who will give us a bit of bloody shush? Chopper is here to machete our way through the jungle of bullshit.
Address: London Circuit, Canberra 2601
Price: TBA
Date: Friday Oct 29th, 2021 7:00pm to 8:10pm
Canberra Theatre Centre
London Circuit, Canberra 2601 Australian Capital Territory