APPI Ghost Hunt at Roseleigh the Witchery
Sat Sep 18th, 2021

APPI Ghost Hunt
Roseleigh the Witchery

With great success from year the APPI Ghost Hunters are once again holding a tour in search of lost souls at Roseleigh the Witchery.

Join them as they search throughout the property. Tour begins at 9pm. Rose and Willow Restaurant open from 6pm. Accommodation available. Please contact APPI Ghost Hunts for tickets for the tour and Roseleigh the Witchery for accommodation and Restaurant bookings.
Address: 1514 Pattersons Road, Harefield 2650
Price: TBA
Date: Saturday Sep 18th, 2021 9:00pm to 11:59pm
Roseleigh the Witchery
1514 Pattersons Road, Harefield 2650 New South Wales