Grapest 5K Run at Rowlee Wines
$63 - $85
Sat Oct 23rd, 2021

Grapest 5K Run
Rowlee Wines

Who said you can’t drink wine and exercise? Have your wine and drink it too, we say!

For the first time ever the Grapest 5K Run is making tracks to Rowlee Wines. Come and run, walk or skip... and then sip on some delicious wines. Work up a thirst with the 5k or 10k course through the picturesque Rowlee vineyard, then sit back and relax while enjoying an afternoon of food, wine and music in the beautiful surrounds of Rowlee.

It's just long enough to get the heart rate up if that’s your thing, short enough to suit the more laid-back adventurer, and just right for everyone! Whether you are a running enthusiast, a lover of fine wines, or just love a great day out, the Grapest 5k Run is a race like no other.
Address: 19 Lake Canobolas Road, Nashdale 2800
Price: $63 - $85
Date: Saturday Oct 23rd, 2021 1:00pm to 5:30pm
Rowlee Wines
19 Lake Canobolas Road, Nashdale 2800 New South Wales