Vogalonga Down Unda 2022 at Goolwa Aquatic Club
$25 - $30
Sun Apr 24th, 2022

Vogalonga Down Unda 2022
Goolwa Aquatic Club

The Vogalonga Down Unda is a family-friendly, non-competitive rowing and paddling regatta. It is the Australian/Southern Hemisphere version of an annual event that happens in Venice, Italy, namely the Vogalonga.

The Vogalonga Down Unda happens in the historic river port town of Goolwa, South Australia on the protected waters of the River Murray.

A typical Vogalonga fleet includes rowing boats, kayaks, canoes, dragon boats, stand-up paddle boards, English skiffs, surf boats and surf skis as well as some unconventional human-powered craft. Only human-powered craft are allowed to participate in the event – rowed or paddled mostly by hand and sometimes by foot!

In Venice itself, several Venetian boats from local Venetian rowing clubs also participate and we hope that eventually our Australian event will also feature some Venetian boats or at least boats rowed Venetian-style like a gondolier.

Team crews dress up in colourful themed costumes, wear their local club colours or create ‘a team look’ specifically to commemorate their crew’s participation in the event. Individuals and family groups are also welcome to participate. The more craft, the more spectacular the event.

Registered participants have the option to complete a Short, Intermediate or Long course. Lunch is included in the registration fee. It's not a race. It's an all-in fun day on the water in one of the best spots of the Murray River.
Address: 92 Barrage Road, Goolwa 5214
Price: $25 - $30
Date: Sunday Apr 24th, 2022 8:00am to 4:00pm
Goolwa Aquatic Club
92 Barrage Road, Goolwa 5214 South Australia