Destinations at Her Majesty's Theatre
Thu Oct 21st, 2021

Her Majesty's Theatre

At the forefront of UK new wave classical music, Belle Chen is as uncategorisable as her music is captivating.

An associate of the Royal Academy of Music, Belle’s compositions retain the beauty of classical piano while simultaneously traversing avant-garde and electronica to embody the world’s changing natural wonders. Through use of electric keys and synthesizers, visual installations by artist Mario Radev and design by Nick Robertson, Belle is joined by off-stage projectionist Jayden Sutherland to bring her arrangements to life in vivid colour.

Featuring stunning piano and immersive visuals, this incomparable musician takes audiences from tropical jungles, to shifting coastlines, to coral reefs. A celebration of our planet in all its splendor, see the stage transformed through an enthralling synergy of music and sound art for this Australian premiere performance.

Pianist, Composer, Artistic Lead: Belle Chen
Visuals: Mario Radev
Design: Nick Robertson
Projectionist: Jayden Sutherland

Contains strobe lighting and haze effects.
Address: 58 Grote Street, Adelaide 5000
Price: TBA
Date: Thursday Oct 21st, 2021 7:30pm to 8:30pm
Her Majesty's Theatre
58 Grote Street, Adelaide 5000 South Australia