Baba Bruja at Altar
$15 - $0
Fri Nov 13th, 2020

Baba Bruja

Baba Bruja are Tasmania’s only all original Afrobeat collective. Featuring some of Hobart’s best loved musicians, our 6 horns and scorching hot rhythm section are raucous, colourful and groovy as all get out. We're well known for getting the dance floor pumping, but for this very special event we're going to present a set that will take you on a journey through space and beyond the confines of your chair. Join us, and let's get a bit weird.
Tickets Online, 18+
Address: 112 Murray Street, Hobart, Tasmania 7010
Price: $15 - $0
Date: Friday Nov 13th, 2020 7:00pm to 12:00am
112 Murray Street, Hobart, Tasmania 7010 Tasmania