Merkules Possible Show at Empire 44 Bar & Nightclub
Tue Sep 10th, 2019

Merkules Possible Show
Empire 44 Bar & Nightclub

TASMANIA Australia do you want to see Merkules play ONE MORE SHOW? Hobart just demanded Merk it's got 20 tickets left! If you want more we NEED YOU to show us power in numbers that there is demand! So hit GOING and on the right hand side click invite FRIENDS to bring them here and we will try make the final stop for the tour here! KGO >>>

We also promise to stack this with great national and local supports!

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P.S (+ Complete, Evil Ebenezer & Mastacraft)
Tickets Online
Address: 122 york street, Launceston, Tasmania 7250
Price: Free
Date: Tuesday Sep 10th, 2019 7:00pm to 12:00am
Empire 44 Bar & Nightclub
122 york street, Launceston, Tasmania 7250 Tasmania