Rupertswood Farm Crop Maze at Hagley Station Lane
$10 - $55
Sat Feb 29th, 2020

Rupertswood Farm Crop Maze
Hagley Station Lane

Rupertswood Farm Crop Maze is an agri-tourism event that is held on our Tasmanian family farm each year. Attracting around 7,000 visitors annually, the Crop Maze is a fantastic day out for visitors to explore our bespoke Crop Maze - the only one in Australia - and visit our beautiful farm! The Crop Maze is open during to the public every March.

To develop the Crop Maze owners, Rowan and Anna Clark, work with international UK Maze specialists, Mazescape, each year to develop a new maze design to fit with a particular theme they have chosen. Rowan then 'cuts' the Maze into his five hectare maize crop, and customised games are developed for visitors to play within the Maze.

The Maze is open to the public to explore for a limited time (five weekends in March), before the crop is harvested. In addition to the Maze, there are other farm attractions in the maze courtyard for families to enjoy, such as hay bale structures for children to climb and vegetables to pick.

Gourmet food sourced from the farm is also on offer to visitors.
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Address: Hagley Station Lane, Hagley, Tasmania 7292
Price: $10 - $55
Date: Saturday Feb 29th, 2020 10:00am to 12:00am
Hagley Station Lane
Hagley Station Lane, Hagley, Tasmania 7292 Tasmania