Beyond the surf at Hobart Brewing Co.
Thu Oct 29th, 2020

Beyond the surf
Hobart Brewing Co.

Surfer or not, if you say the word ‘ocean’ most people think of the sight and sound of waves on a beach. But did you know that waves - and the winds that drive them - also play a deep role in climate change, exacerbate the impacts of sea-level rise, and provide opportunities for renewable energy? Dr Mark Hemer of CSIRO and the Blue Economy CRC will paddle out with us for a swell chat about waves and climate change.
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Address: 16 Evans Street, Hobart 7000
Price: TBA
Date: Thursday Oct 29th, 2020 6:30pm to 12:00am
Hobart Brewing Co.
16 Evans Street, Hobart 7000 Tasmania