Cam Giles – INXSessive – A Jazz Tribute to INXS     at La Pomme Brasserie
Sat Jul 27th, 2019

Cam Giles – INXSessive – A Jazz Tribute to INXS
La Pomme Brasserie

Brisbane-born vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, Cam Giles couldn’t recall a time when music wasn’t front and centre in his life. In Cam’s musical world, anything is possible. After working with INXS in its heyday, Cam feels a special connection to their music. With that, his love of jazz and the strong traditions in jazz to reinterpret tunes, Cam’s tribute to Michael Hutchence and the music of one of the greatest bands to come out of Australia, has been a labour of love. “A couple of years ago I was playing at summer jazz festivals and doing all the classic stuff and thought, let’s mix this up a little. I used to muck around with singing Need You Tonight and it just fitted, so I did that, and a couple of others and we decided to do a few more and it fell together like that.”

Savour a sumptuous three-course meal followed by an intimate concert by Cam Giles and his surprising reinvention of the music of INXS.

6pm for 6.30pm dinner, music from 8.30pm
Bookings Essential (03) 6424 4922
Address: 16 Fenton Street, Devonport 7310
Price: Free
Date: Saturday Jul 27th, 2019 6:00pm to 12:00am
La Pomme Brasserie
16 Fenton Street, Devonport 7310 Tasmania