Walkabout Comedy Pub Crawl at Laughs of Launnie
$50 - $0
Multiple Sessions

Walkabout Comedy Pub Crawl
Laughs of Launnie

Experience this unique event that sells out at every comedy Festival in Australia!

Kicking off at The Boag's Brewery Bar, (be there by 5.45pm), this trek through the heart of town will take you to 5 of Launceston’s most iconic watering holes (and one new one), where a comedian will be waiting to guarantee you will go home with a smile on your dial. We wont be finishing where we started, so don’t bring the car.
Show duration: 4 hours
(punters will be required to walk from venue to venue)
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Address: 39 William St Ln, Launceston 7173
Price: $50 - $0
Date: Thursday Mar 21st, 2019 6:00pm to 7:00pm
Laughs of Launnie
68 st John Street, Launceston 7250 Tasmania