Moontime Awakening Ceremony at Riverside
$40 - $0
Wed Jul 10th, 2019

Moontime Awakening Ceremony

Beautiful women this is an invitation to receive the initiation into womanhood that is your birth right.
It is suitable for women of any age who feel they would benefit from a belated initiation into her moon time (menstruation). It isn't important that you are still bleeding now, as it will be a sort of reenactment and rewiring. The information given can be translated from moon time to new moon as the effects are very similar and those who are no longer bleeding will feel them at new moon.

It will include lots of practical tips and information as well as practices of reenacting an initiation that will give you a deep sense of worthiness and excitement to be a woman.

There will also be a budding maidens initiation ceremony coming up the week after which will be suited to girls aged 11-18.

Sadly women's wisdom has been lost in our culture for a long time and many of us didn't receive the guidance we needed for a smooth transition into being a woman.

But it is never too late!

Join us to recreate your story about your womanhood.
To be recognized and celebrated as the powerful goddess you are.
To reclaim the divine magic and creation that is your mensuration.

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Address: Riverside 7320
Price: $40 - $0
Date: Wednesday Jul 10th, 2019 6:00pm to 12:00am
Riverside 7320 Tasmania