THE REPORTS ON SARAH AND SALEEM at Village Cinemas Launceston
$17 - $20
Thu May 16th, 2019

Village Cinemas Launceston

The sharp conflict between Israel and Palestine, as well as the role of women in this patriarchal society, is thrown into powerful relief in this initially romantic drama. Sarah is a Jewish woman married to an ambitious Army Commander, who seeks to control her business and her life. Saleem is a low-income Palestinian worker, who depends on his brother to make money by delivering dubious packages across the border. Saleem is also married to a woman who is carrying his child. When Sarah and Saleem meet they embark on an affair that offers them an escape from their lives, that will have enormous implications for them. Issues of politics, religion, gender and culture are challenged by the power of love and the strength of women not prepared to take the easy way out. A superbly observed film that will make you think deeply about the decisions we make for love.
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Address: 163 Brisbane Street 7250
Price: $17 - $20
Date: Thursday May 16th, 2019 2:00pm to 4:00pm
Village Cinemas Launceston
Village Cinemas Launceston
163 Brisbane Street 7250 Tasmania