We’re creating a place where the only people visiting are those interested in doing something.

This is a focused promotion platform offering unique value to the audience & clarity of purpose.

We know you’re time poor, so we built a listing admin right into the consumer app, and all it takes to login is a QR code. Listing an event or attraction takes less than three minutes, and is pushed immediately from the device to the cloud, where it becomes instantly available to every user. Using the effective buying power of multiple venues, we unlock greater buying power for TV, radio, online & social, with the exclusive focus being on creating user growth.

Instead of each venue buying ads to service disparate promotions, we unify the energy and promote one digital location for accessing that information.

The value of What’s On In is defined by direct targeting of an engaged audience, & a strategy of constant reinvestment in promotion, towards ever-increasing exposure and a clear &
verifiable return on investment.