The Hot Potato Band at Potato Shed
$30 - $30
Fri Dec 10th, 2021

The Hot Potato Band
Potato Shed

Hot Potato Band’s larger-than-life brass collective is a breath of fresh air, setting a new bar for energetic and interactive musical performances.

Finding home in Sydney, Australia, their positive coastal energy pushes euphoric boundaries in their bold quest to reignite acoustic instrumentation. The bands unique sound is built on the backs of three drummers, a sousaphone and five horns that cover catchy chorus lines, providing a beautiful harmonic cloud for Ben (vocalist) to float above.

HPB is un-bound by genres, stages and audiences. They are re-inventive of the traditional New Orleans brass band as a modern-day dance machine and visual spectacle for all demographics with a strong sense of pride for their fun-loving, organic, and quirky musical nature.

They are currently touring their new song 'It's Your Own Body' around Australia and are excited to play at… the Potato Shed.
Address: 41 Peninsula Drive, Drysdale 3222
Price: $30 - $30
Date: Friday Dec 10th, 2021 8:00pm to 9:30pm
Potato Shed
41 Peninsula Drive, Drysdale 3222 Victoria